04 A City of Art and Sculpture

Wakefield’s standing as a place for art and culture is justly deserved. The creation in 1997 of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, “the first sculpture park in the UK and the largest of its kind in Europe” (YSP website) and the opening of the Hepworth Wakefield gallery in 2011 have drawn national and international attention to the city and surrounding area – building on the reputations of artists such as Henry Moore (born in Castleford) and Barbara Hepworth (born in Wakefield). Today, there is a thriving community of artists and makers working across the district to bring art and culture to the residents of Wakefield and beyond.

Not all artwork is contained in galleries and museums, of course. Believe it or not, Wakefield’s city centre is adorned with a wealth of art that is freely available to explore: just take a look around and you will see a variety of art types such as intricate architectural detailing, decorative stonework and tiling, patterned paving, sculptures, monuments and statues.

Our new leaflet (download a copy here) sets out just a few examples of the types of art you can find on a stroll around the city. You’ll find many more examples once you start looking!

Also, have a look at this video made for us by committee members Jon Dell and Vicky Flintoff: